Environmental enrichment

Pet owners are only too aware that their dog requires regular exercise – but did you know that mental stimulation is just as vital when it comes to pet welfare?

(Brad Tyndall 2019)

To help your puppy enjoy a rich and relaxed life…

Fritz with his Kong – Kongs are an interactive food source so the puppy can work for his food and problem solve to get it out.  
Fritz’s kong keeps trying to get away from him…but in the end he wins and proceeds to savour his catch.

Kongs are a pleasure and help dogs to be calm. 


Here is another example of a toy designed to enrich your dog’s environment.
A Kong Wobbler is great for puppies to keep them occupied when you’re not home.
Give your puppy something to do in your absence and make them work for their food while having some fun…

Why do we feed dogs from a bowl? – a missed opportunity to help a pup learn to entertain themselves and
prevent destruction around the home.

Providing enrichment means your dog will have less time to be bored, anxious or develop destructive behaviours.