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If you are not within our service area, How to Train a Dog will refer you to a qualified trainer in your area.
Personal training sessions consider your dog’s particular breed, age and situation and are intended to train you in how to understand and help your dog, using quick and current best practice training techniques.

In-Home Puppy Training Sessions
1.5 hours
We come to your home and help set up the home for minimal toilet accidents, run through the basics of obedience (sit, drop, come) with reward based training and show you how to teach life skills and manners that will make life and training so much easier.  We also show you how to stop luring with food ASAP.
Please contact us for more information regarding in-house training.

This service is great for guardians who:

  • need help setting up the home for successful and easy toilet and chew toy training
  • want to get into good habits right from the very start
  • are struggling with teaching their puppy independence and coping when alone
  • find their pup has uncertainty around novel objects in the environment, people or dogs
  • feel they need extra support and advice before, during or after puppy classes
  • are trying to decide whether two puppies are a good fit for your family
  • are training a puppy with children in the same household
  • would like advice on how to keep puppy occupied while they’re out.
  • are pulling their hair out and want an objective and experienced opinion about their puppy’s behaviour

Out-of-Home Puppy Training Sessions
1 hour
Often new puppy guardians like to get some help while out and about at the park, street walks, beach etc.  We work on focus under distraction, calm behaviour and general socialisation as well as polite puppy play and behaviour if we encounter other dogs.  It’s also a good way to assess your puppy’s overall confidence.
Please contact us for more information regarding personal training.

This service is great for guardians who:

  • find their puppy isn’t listening to them very well
  • having problems with on and off-lead walking
  • need help with “come when called”
  • need help getting puppy in the car
  • worried their puppy is a bit boisterous or timid

Training Sessions
1 – 1.5 hours
Includes personalised training plan and email follow up.
Please contact us for more information regarding training sessions.

Puppy Training Packages
1 hours x 3 (saving of $165)
1 hours x 5 (saving of $275)
Combination of In-Home and Out-of-Home Sessions – you can combine these to suit you.
Please contact us for more information regarding our training packages.

Due to Covid online training consultations are also now offered and have proved an effective way to communicate.
So much so that they will continue to be offered!
This means follow up sessions can be broken into 2 x 1/2 hour consults working online.

General training areas include Southern, Northern suburbs and inner city:
Abbotsford, Albert Park, Armadale, Balaclava, Beacon Cove, Brighton, Burnley, Carlton, Caulfield, CBD, Collingwood, Cremorne, East Melbourne,
Elsternwick, Elwood, Fairfield, Fitzroy, Glen Huntly, Hawthorn, Kew, Malvern, Middle Park, Northcote, North Melbourne, Parkville, Port Melbourne, Prahran,
Richmond, Ripponlea, Southbank, South Melbourne, South Yarra, St Kilda, Thornbury, Toorak, West Melbourne, Windsor.

Puppy Class Referrals – no charge
How To Train a Dog strongly encourages guardians to enrol their puppy in a puppy class that’s run by someone who has training to work with puppies specifically, using current best practice. It is worth noting there is very little/poor regulation in the pet industry – unfortunately anyone can call themselves anything! Ask about qualifications, experience and training methods. If you hear ‘dominance’, ‘alpha’, ‘leader of the pack’, ‘balanced’ you are not hearing modern methods…  As a puppy guardian you only have one chance to give your puppy the best possible start, so feel free to give How to Train a Dog a call, or visit PPG Australia for a puppy class referral.